Drilling Tools

Drilling Tools

Western drilling tools is the manufacturer of many of the drilling tools we sell. In addition to providing a machine shop and machining services we also provide drilling solutions. Drilling solutions, drilling tools, and drilling supplies and accessories is what Western Drilling Tools excels at.

Western drilling tools machine shop can build anything you may require for your drilling operation to run smoothly. The right drilling tools are an essential part of operating a drilling rig. Many rig providers act as middle men to get their product to you. We machine most of our products in house and as a result we can offer unparalleled value on nearly any drilling tools, drilling supplies and drilling accessories you may require.

 If you need assistance finding the right components for your drill string, are having trouble in a specific formation or reaching a specified depth, Western Drilling Tools can provide you with the drilling solutions to make your job run smoothly. Some of the many drilling tools provided by western Drilling tools include but are not limited to.  Custom parts for drilling tool manufacturers, Drilling tool rebuilding, Air Swivels , Casing, Casing Pullers, Core Drilling Tools, Core Pipe, Cross Over Subs, Deck Bushing, Discharge Heads, Down Hole Hammer, Drill Bits, Drill Colar, Drill Pipe, Drive Shoes, Fishing Tools, Hammer Bits, Hole Openers, Kelly Cock, Lifting Bail, Other Drilling, Supplies, Reverse Circulation, Sonic Drilling, Augers plus many other drilling tools and drilling supplies. If there is a drilling tool you require that is not listed we can manufacture it in our machine shop.

Since western drilling tools is the manufacturer of many main stream drilling tools as well as custom drilling tools we can offer quick delivery, excellent price and direct manufacturers warranties. We stand by the quality of our work and of our drilling tools and drilling accessories. We will work with you to make you products better.

Why use a middle man and pay more? Western drilling tools has the drilling tools and drilling supplies you need and more importantly me manufacture them directly through our machine shop. Other drilling tools that Western Drilling Tools inc supply include coring equipment, core bits, core pipe, quad latch, lifting subs, cross over subs, Tri cone bits, PDC bits, drag bits, Drive shoes, drill pipe, drill stem, casing, Air swivel, grout caps, discharge heads, Hammers, hammer bits, back hammers, reaming tools, hole openers,  Threading,  wrenches, Reverse circulation pipe, Reverse circulation bits, shock subs, threaded casing, fishing tools, stabilizers, connector subs, cross over sub, core, coring drilling tools , roller cone bits, lifting swivels, discharge swivels, drill rod , drilling tools, RC drilling tools, Stratex, adapter subs, adapter  rods, air swivels, rotary swivels, guide device, drive shoes, barber shoes, odex, discharge swivels, DTH bits, DTH Hammers, core pipe, claw bits, drag bits, Pilot bits, sonic drilling tools, coil tubing, couplers, TCI drill bits, mill tooth, sealed bearing tricone  , new & re run PDC drilling bits, lifting subs, , machine shop, manufacturing, Rock bits, Matrix body PDC bits, Steel body PDC bits, PDC core Bits and many other drilling tools.

Our drilling tools are used every day in the Water Well, Mining Drilling, Exploration Drilling, Construction Drilling, Environmental Drilling, Geotechnical Drilling, Geothermal Drilling, Seismic Drilling, and Oil & Gas drilling. Check anyone of our industry pages to see what drilling tools and services western drilling tools we can offer.

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