Quality is a central focus for Western Drilling Tools. We use precision machining and measuring tools to ensure dimensional accuracy. Our procedure involves the machinists to measure each part at their machine and note any deviation from the drawing specs and make adjustments on the fly. Our machine shop policy ensures that after the first part operation is complete they are checked by our quality control expert while the parts are still in the machine. Once the parts are complete the quality control professional preforms a 100% visual inspection and takes a sample of the completed parts to manually measure the parts selected.

Our machine shop supplies the employees with several sets of calibrated veneer callipers, inside and outside micrometers and temperature gauges to make sure the temperature of the parts are controlled for both welding and machining.

Our machine shop also has a QC honed granit table and a plethora of soft and hard gauges. We also have a Mitutoyo PH-A14 profile projector which allows us to inspect threads with unparalleled accuracy.

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