Equipment & Capabilities

Our machine shop is capable of manufacturing a wide array of products to meet the industry needs of our clients. We take great pride in the quality of our work; at Western Drilling Tools we employ highly trained professionals and use only premium quality machining tools.

Design and Drafting

We use state of the art computer engineering software like Solid Works to help with designing, solid modeling and analysis.

Western Drilling Tools currently employs several mechanical engineering technologists and an engineer in training. We also have professional engineers who moon light for us.


At Western Drilling Tools we have several Manual lathes including:

  • 6” through bore 630 A x 3000mm universal lathe, a 5-1/2”through bore La 560 x 2000 heavy duty high speed presision lathe , a 4” through bore Dy 680G X 2000 heavy duty precision lathe

CNC Lathe

The machine shop has several high quality, high precision CNC lathes that range in size from 2.5” thru bore up to 14-3/4 Thru Bore

Our machining tool is a  4 –axis 14.75” thru bore Okuma loc650 oil country lathe

Captains L470-125 these have 4”thru bore and a 2m bed in addition, we tool all our lathes with steady rest and anti-vibration boring bars

Our machine shop also has a 6.5” thru Bore Okuma LB3511 with a 2.5 M bead and a steady rest.

The smallest CNC lathe in our machining feet is our 2.5” bore takisawa.

Manual Mills

Western Drilling Tools has a small fleet of manual mills.

  1. LC-20VHS vertical milling machine
  2. 250DX Miller horizontal mill

In addition to our manual mills the Western Drilling Tools machine shop also has 3 drill presses of various sizes.

CNC Mills

Our machine shops CNC milling fleet has several high quality CNC’s. We believe that every quality CNC does require quality tools. Each CNC mill in our machine shop is equipped with a rotary table and an angle head. Giving our CNC mills some 5- axis capabilities.

This is an Okuma Ma-650 vertical CNC mill


At Western Drilling Tools we feel that no machine shop is complete without a comprehensive welding area. We have several thermal arc welders, a Tig welding Gtaw and a small Plasma Cutter. We have a large welding area, and commonly preform ARC, MIG, TIG and pressure welding applications. We hire certified welders to manufacture our parts. We use high quality laser thermometers to ensure the appropriate temperatures are met for many welding and machining situations.

Shipping and Receiving

Our machine shop is equipped with 2 overhead 7 tone cranes. We also have several smaller cranes throughout the shop. We have several fork lifts and pallet jacks to allow us to move product around quickly and effectively.


Our machine shop saw is equipped with a fully automatic bar feeder that cuts pieces up to 16” OD.

Testing and other services

At Western Drilling Tools we provide testing services in addition to machining. We have a pressure tester capable of testing items up to 15000psi.

We have a small sand blasting unit capable of removing surface in feature on small parts.

We commonly act as an agent to provide pull testing and MPI inspection for various customers. The machine shop is equipped with a large break out wrench, capable of twisting apart large items.

The machine shop is also equipped with two hardness testers. We have a portable and an mobile electronic hardness tester. We use these to test incoming materials to ensure that they are to the mills and our customers specifications.

Equipment & Capabilities