Go Custom to Cut Costs in Today’s Construction Industry

As we discussed in our last post, when Canada’s Oil and Gas industry takes a hit, we see reverberations across a number of other western Canadian industries. Not surprisingly, the real estate and construction industries are among the first to feel the pinch, as layoffs deter buyers and even encourage some workers to move back home to other regions of the country.

Falling oil prices, pipeline delays, and a new Provincial Government have all taken their toll on western Canada’s economy, where we’re seeing a drastic increase in office vacancy- in Calgary up to 14% with nearly half of tenants seeking subletting options to cut costs. Calgary in particular is poised at a precarious position, with the most square footage of office space under construction in the entire country (5.7 million!), and multi-family property values predicted to dip in Calgary and Edmonton as well.  

It’s challenging construction companies to work smarter than ever before in order to maintain momentum without losing capital. Today’s economy necessitates innovation- thinking “outside the box” is becoming increasingly crucial in order to invent new, current, relevant solutions.

Western Drilling Tools Inc. has crafted our business model on innovation. Our custom solutions have been assisting our clients in achieving unparalleled results for optimal value for over ten years. We’ve weathered economic storms before and partnered with customers in coming out triumphant when the clouds clear.

Our custom casings, and casing shoes are only the beginning of our vast drilling solutions capabilities and machining services. From custom prototyping to production manufacturing to pressure testing to welding and fabrication, our extensive portfolio of services can be customized to meet your company’s construction needs on time, and on budget.

Reach out to our team today to learn more about Western Drilling Tool Inc.’s diversified range of custom services.