Our People


  • Western Drilling Tools currently employs 20 full and part time machinists
  • The average experience of our machinists exceeds 10 years


  • Western Drilling Tools currently employs 3 full and part time welders
  • One of our welders is B-pressure certified

Design and Engineering Techs

  • Western Drilling Tools currently employs 5 full time Mechanical Engineering Technologists, a former European engineer, an engineer in training. 

Qualty Assurance

  • The machine shop currently employs 2 full time QC/QA personel
  • At Western Each of our machinests preforms quality checks on jobs in process


Key People

Constantin (Costa) Burca

He is the founder of western drilling tools. He has more than 35 years of machining experience and has been a key member in developing many products which are now common in the drilling industry.  Costa has developed and holds patents on products like the roller stabilizer and was a key developer of the Stratex overburden system. He was a key designer in the original 4-5/8 CP core pipe as well as the designer of the drop off system and many other products. Costa has been involved in machining drilling tools for nearly his entire career. He is an expert machinist and knows what it takes to successfully complete any project. Before opening western drilling tools Costa was the proud owner of New Era Machining, and Orbital Machining before that.

Dennis Burca

Dennis has over 8 years of experience in the machining and drilling tools industry. Graduated with honors from SAIT polytechnic with a Diploma in mechanical engineering, he went on to graduate from the University of Calgary with a BSc Eng in Manufacturing Engineering. He is directly involved in the scientific and experimental development and improvement of all the down hole tools and drilling products developed at Western Drilling.  His current focus in on the improvement and innovation of various drilling tools including reverse circulation drilling components. Dennis also manages Western Drilling Tools' design, drafting and helps to coordinate the company’s marketing.


Attila Hodi

Our Quality Control Manager. Has over 15 years’ experience in the machining and drilling industry. Was previously a shop foreman and has several years of CNC programing experience.