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Whether you need casing to prevent contamination of well zones, prevent unstable upper formations from caving in on your bore hole, a strong upper foundation to continue drilling deeper or a smooth internal bore for installing production equipment, Western Drilling Tools can supply casing drilling equipment for any of your drilling needs. We specialize in construction industry drilling tools and custom drilling tools.

In typical use, casing strengthens the sides of the well hole and prevents contamination of the drill string. It also provides a hollow smooth bore for lowering production systems or to be used in conjunction with casing advancement systems. Down Hole casing also provides a path for fluids, cuttings and mud to travel back up the hole. It is also extremely common for casing to be cemented into the hole. Our casing can be used as well casing, casing strings, surface casing, intermediate casing and for casing advancement.

Typical Casing

Casing Joints typically come in lengths of 6m, 9m or 12m but we can tailor casing to any length you require. The casing connectors are usually pin x pin (male x male) and connected by short a coupler which is box x box (female x female). We also manufacture casing which is made from one piece with the threads cut directly into casing ends. This style of casing has the pin and box ends cut directly into the tubing and has time saving and cost advantages. We also manufacture casing designed to be re-used. We do this by welding the threaded connectors to the ends.

Most Down hole casing range in size from 4.5 inches (11.43 cm) to 20 inches (50.80 cm) outside diameter ("OD") and is made from various grads of steel including J-55 , L80 , mild carbon steel, cold drawn steel carbon steel, A53 Grade A line pipe, 4130 and P-110.

Typical Casing Threads that we cut include:

  • HUGHES H-90
  • Improved Buttress
  • Krupp
  • Rope thread
  • Sonic
  • Modified ACME
  • 8 Thread
  • 10 round
  • LTC
  • STC
  • NPT
  • FJ threads


For more information and product availability, Contact Western Drilling Tools at 1.888.410.0826.

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