Core Pipe

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At Western Drilling Tools, we believe your drilling products should be constructed from the best materials available in a cost effective manner without sacrificing quality. We are experts at manufacturing core drill pipe. The drill pipe is precision machined from extremely tough 4140 L80 steel for the pipe shafts and the connector ends are made from 4140 HT or QT100; this makes them extremely durable, wear resistant and reusable. The core pipe connector ends are then press fit or threaded to the drill pipe and welded to the pipe tube under the strictest quality assurance. What this process assures your core pipe is both premium quality and low price.

Western Drilling Tools' core pipe is available with an outside diameter of 4-1/2”, 4-5/8, 5”, 5-½ and 7-5/8 O.D. The standard connector thread WDT use's for its core drill pipe is 4-5/8 CP thread. The standard length of the core drill pipe is generally 6m-9m long.

For more information and product availability, Contact Western Drilling Tools at 1.888.410.0826.

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