Drive Shoes

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Drive Shoes, also known as Casing Shoes and Barber Shoes, are welded or threaded to the end of your casing and are used with all casing advancement systems. Threaded Casing Shoes are also known as Casing Bits. All Drive Shoes or Casing Shoes are designed for rotary-percussive or rotary only drilling. Drive Shoes are used in all casing advancement systems. Western Drilling Tools manufactures casing shoes or Drive Shoes for any casing system. We build both soft (1018 -1026 carbon steel) shoes and hard shoes (4130 -4145 HT high alloy steel) depending on formation and application.

Sizes range from 70mm systems up to 240mm systems and can be made to work with any casing system. 

Western Drilling Tools is the manufacturer of the premier Drive Shoe in the industry, offering a wide range of Custom Drive Shoes, Drive Shoes Drilling Tools and many Custom Drilling Tools. The WDT Rotary Drive Shoes come in 2 grades: heavy duty and supreme. Both are precision machined out of 4140-4145 HT and contain more press fit tungsten carbide buttons than the competition. The supreme has a revolutionary design employing milled slots which are hard welded with tungsten carbide for a longer life efficiency and more aggressive penetration. The supreme also has a unique system which improves the tools life while helping to ream the hole. Western Drilling Tools has been told by many drillers that the WDT Supreme Drive Shoe is the best in the world. With the WDT Drive Shoes, you can drill straight through large boulders and drill through soft to hard formations. They can also be used for rotary or rotary percussive drilling. The WDT Drive Shoe comes in sizes that range from 3” to 24” (76mm – 610mm).

For more information and product availability, Contact Western Drilling Tools at 1.888.410.0826.

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