Sonic Drilling

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WDT drilling supplies include a multitude of products for sonic drilling rigs. Sonic drilling works by vibrating the drill string at incredibly high frequencies (over 50 Hz ). Once the resonant frequency is reached the procedure begins. This intense vibration causes the drilling tools to expand and contract, most sonic rigs are manually tuned by the driller to the required frequency. The equipment is capable of drilling up to 100m, 3 to 5 times faster than conventional drilling without the use of mud or other lubricants. Western Drilling Tools supplies the drilling components required to complete the hole.

Western Drilling Tools supplies a magnitude of drilling supplies for sonic applications including sonic drill pipe. This is heavy wall drill pipe with large deep threads that can withstand the forces associated with sonic drilling. Western Drilling manufactures sonic pipe with its own style WDT sonic threads; drill pipe from 3.5 to 6-5/8 sonic thread sizes are available.

Western Drilling Tools also builds sonic bits in its machine shop. These bits are built from tough, high alloy steel with press fit tungsten carbide inserts. Multiple styles of sonic bits and tools are built. The WDT sonic bit helps drill at high speeds and can be used for overburden drilling, it will work in most drilling environments and through most formations. The WDT sonic drill bit maintains an incredibly high rate of penetration while obtaining large undisturbed core samples.

Western Drilling Tools manufactures sonic pipe clamps with interchangeable inserts for sonic rigs. The design is tough and easy to operate in the field. All of the tools are built to high quality and at a considerable cost savings compared to the competition. Western Drilling offers various items such as sonic drill tools and pipe equipment, sonic pipe clamps and all kinds of custom drilling equipment.

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