Redefining Precision in Custom Machining and Prototyping

In the machining and prototyping world, the key question really is: How custom is “custom”?

Anyone seeking a custom machining solution is in the process of overcoming a unique challenge. Maybe they’re creating a prototype to yield better results. Maybe they need a custom part to suit a specific terrain. Whatever the reasoning, they need a custom solution to meet very specific, and very precise needs. And the type of shop that can meet and exceed expectations must be willing to go the extra mile to guarantee the utmost accuracy to any specification. That’s where Western Drilling Tools Inc. comes in.

Originally founded as a machine shop, our team excels at quickly and accurately turning unique ideas into physical parts. Our shop, stacked with CNC lathes and mills as well as manual lathes and mills, is able to hit incredibly tight tolerances impossible for other shops to achieve. Creating one-of-a-kind machined jigs and fixtures is a specialty of ours, which makes future production machining runs even more effective. We’re committed to constantly improving and consistently striving for the best, most precise results for each and every client.


Skilled at machining physical prototypes out of field materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, and plastics, Western’s customers can be assured that their custom prototype will deliver accurate proof of concept as well as maximum functionality. The team at Western is also able to perform and certify components for a wide range of tests such as pull testing and pressure testing up to 15000 PSI.

The phrase “measure twice, cut once” reigns supreme at Western, where we measure all our parts with extremely high precision measuring equipment including vernier calipers, dial indicators, inside and outside micrometers. We check every thread with thread gauges to ensure that every single part that leaves our shop has been built exactly to spec, every time.

If you’ve hit a roadblock, embarked on a challenge, or simply want better results, reach out to the team at Western Drilling Tools Inc. to learn more about our custom machining and prototyping capabilities today!