Re-Tipping, Rebuilding and Repair

Many of our customers in the drilling industry have a great need for repair and service work. Often they will bring in components that have seen substantial use to see if Western Drilling Tools can use our machine shop to make a few new components and fix up and repair the existing parts instead of manufacturing entirely new components.

At Western Drilling Tools, we try our best to work with our customers to find innovative solutions to their problems. We work hard to save you time and money because at Western Drilling Tools we understand that a better bottom line for you makes both of our companies more successful.  Our re-tipping service is very useful for various drill bits and core bits.

We do most of our re-tipping to PDC steel body bits. The bits can be cleaned up and refurbished at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a brand new bit. Our machine shop has a comprehensive welding area where in addition to typical welding operations we also provide soldering and brazing. We have a comprehensive program for re-tipping drill bits and toughening them up with tungsten carbide hard welding, reinformed carbide button inserts reinforcement.  We commonly repair threaded tool joints, Reverse circulation pipe and many other components that go beyond the drilling industry. Ask us to re-tip your drag bits, and you will get excellent footage at an excellent price.