Setbacks and Comebacks in Canada’s Oil and Gas Industry

Anyone living in western Canada understands that the Oil and Gas industry is facing numerous challenges this year. When Oil and Gas takes a tumble, so too does the real estate market, the city infrastructure, as well as the general outlook of everyday, hard working Westerners.  

So far, 2015 has seen a drastic change of government in Alberta. There have been OPEC decisions. Pipeline delays. Uncooperative producing regions across the world choosing not to play by the rules. Oil prices have dropped beyond where we had anticipated. Jobs are being slashed.

But by the same token, everyone touched by Canada’s Oil and Gas industry also understands the excitement inherent in the business, perhaps especially during tough times. New technologies, regulations, and economic factors are constantly fluctuating, making the industry an ever-changing playground for innovative business people who enjoy a challenge. In the words of T.D. Jakes, “A setback is a setup for a comeback”.

We’ve been here before. And we’ve bounced back. Let’s not forget that the last time oil dipped to $35 a barrel in 2008, the market once again made steady gains and recovered in a relatively short period of time- even amidst a confusing and chaotic global economic collapse. Without a doubt, success is still there for the taking, for anyone willing to persevere and discover new pathways on which to forge ahead.

At Western Drilling Tools Inc., we believe the economy is poised at an exciting period of flux. Our business has been built on the fundamental belief that customization is key, meaning that we are no strangers to innovation. When times are tough, we don’t believe in ceasing work. We believe in working smarter, creating solutions that meet budget, schedule, and create unprecedented success for our customers.

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