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Coring & Reverse Circulation

Western Drilling Tools is committed to providing the best exploration industry tools available, including exploration industry equipment, exploration drilling tools, reverse circulation industry drilling tools and more. The purpose of exploration industry is to identify potential mineral rich formation for the development of future mining sites. Samples are taken during exploration drilling through various methods including core drilling, reverse circulation, and air rotary.

Core drilling or diamond drilling varies from other forms of exploration industry drilling because a solid core is removed at various depths. This core is later analyzed to determine if the presence of valuable ores and minerals facilitate mining. Core drilling is done with the aid of rotation flushing and pressure; advancing core pipe while rotating will force a core sample into the inner tube. Commonly, cored holes are electronically logged to give a better indication of mineral density and to get a better evaluation of the geology. Using wire line coring systems in exploration industry makes it easy to remove a core under less then favorable drilling conditions.

Reverse circulation drilling or RC drilling is a popular form of exploration industry. It involves an inner tube and an outer pipe. The outer pipe acts as a drill pipe, and the air is forced down the drill stem between the outer pipe and the inner tube. Reverse circulation drilling creates a differential pressure between the inner tube and the outer pipe. This forces continuous uncontaminated samples up to the surface. Reverse circulation drilling samples are then collected and evaluated. Western Drilling Tools has been designing and manufacturing reverse circulation drill pipes for many years and supply a full list of accessories for reverse circulation drilling and other types of exploration drilling.