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Oil & Gas Equipment

Western Drilling Tools has been servicing the oil and gas industries primarily in our capacity as a machine shop. We manufacture many oil & gas drilling tools, oil & gas drilling equipment, oil drilling tools and completion tools for some of the largest players in the game. We manufacture many varieties of standard and custom oil tools and downhole tooling and components. In addition to manufacturing and machining oil tools for our various clients, we also supply a competent lineup of downhole drilling tools and supplies. Western Drilling Tools is an authorized distributor of premium quality deep hole drilling tools.

At Western Drilling Tools we can work with your professionals to develop a competent plan for manufacturing your products with extremely strict quality standards. In addition to providing design and machining services to oil and gas companies, we are heavily involved with many companies drilling in various oil sands projects. Oil sands drilling require many of our standard drilling tools.

We are more than happy to use our machine shop and machining expertise to confidently manufacture oil and gas tools & oil and gas equipment for your company. Our company strives to serve the oil industries by providing a cost effective manufacturing solution and to be an oil sands, down-hole tool, and deep-hole oil drilling supplier. Some of the products and services we offer are listed below.