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Custom Machining and Prototyping

Custom Machining and Prototyping is a large part of what the Western Drilling Tools machine shop is set up to do. High quality and excellent versatility allow Western Drilling Tools to provide custom machining and machine shop prototyping services quickly and effectively.

Western Drilling Tools was founded as a machine shop, and machining is where we excel. We are set up to meet the needs of any industry. We quickly and accurately turn unique ideas into physical parts. Come to us with your prototyping or small batch machining, and we are sure to surprise. Western Drilling Tools has many custom machining and prototyping solutions. One of a kind machined jigs and fixtures to make future production machining runs more effective are a specialty of ours. Our team of machinists and welders work diligently and to a high level of precision to ensure your custom machining project or your prototyping project is a complete success.

Our machine shop is loaded with CNC lathes, CNC mills as well as manual lathes and mills. Hitting incredibly tight tolerances that are impossible for some machine shops are easily achievable in our machine shop. In addition to machining custom parts and manufacturing prototypes, Western Drilling Tools can perform and certify components for various tests such as pull testing components and pressure testing components up to 15,000PSI.

All of the parts we manufacture are measured with extremely high precision measuring equipment by our highly trained quality control staff. When we machine your parts, you can be sure they will be to spec.

Western Drilling Tools specializes in machining physical prototypes for custom designs and new products.  Our material list is long and comprehensive including everything from carbon steel and stainless steel to brass and plastics. When you need a prototype built, need custom machining work done or just have the need to use a reliable, dependable and accurate machine shop think Western Drilling Tools.