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Design and Drafting

Through the use of sophisticated CAD (computer aided design) software, Western Drilling’s engineering and design team can design, draft and engineer products and services for many customers. Ask for our assistance with all your design and drafting needs.

Western Drilling Tools uses state of the art computer-aided design and engineering software to draft and design all of our internal products. Our engineering and design software, together with the several engineering technologists, engineers in training and drafts people can create the technical product drawings you require. Our CAD software also allows us to test products in a 3D environment before we proceed with a prototype or batch machining.

The design process at Western Drilling Tools often starts with hand sketches on white paper. The sketches are agreed upon at which time they are modeled in 3D through the use of computer-aided design software. Once the CAD model is complete the part goes through our prototyping and testing procedure. Once a design is finalized, manufacturing drawings are produced by our drafts people and the drawings are sent to the machine shop floor for manufacturing.