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Materials Supply

Materials are supplied for all WDT products and machined parts. The machine shop has a large material storage yard where Western Drilling Tools stores and stocks its commonly used materials. If in need, Western Drilling Tools can supply you with many sizes of alloy and carbon steels; many materials are kept in stock to reduce lead times for customers. Additionally, Western Drilling Tools can help specify appropriate materials for appropriate jobs.

We stock extensive sizes of mild and high carbon steels as well as brass, stainless steel and plastics. Specialty products and materials can be brought in on request. We ensure that our material is the right material for your machining or welding needs. We can offer mill certifications on all the material we supply. Western Drilling Tools owns and uses high end hardness testers to verify that the material we get is always up to spec.

Western Drilling Tools has a tremendous amount of experience machining all of these and more materials. If your company needs raw material cut to length in a rush, ask Western Drilling Tools to see if we have that material in stock.