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Production Manufacturing

Production manufacturing and production machining in medium to large batches is commonly provided to many of Western Drilling’s customers. The machine shop is set up to perform production manufacturing and production machining services that will exceed your expectations.

Through our machine shop, Western Drilling Tools offers production manufacturing and machining. Our machine shop is set up to be incredibly flexible and versatile. Our precision CNC’s have incredible accuracy, precision, and repeatability. Repeatability is critical in production manufacturing. Our CNC’s hit the same precision and accuracy on all of the parts we machine. Whether it is part number 1 or part number 5000 the variation in dimensional accuracy will never exceed the acceptable tolerances.

Western Drilling Tools is excellent at production manufacturing runs in quantities ranging from just a few parts to batches of a couple thousand. We regularly perform production manufacturing runs for various repeat customers. Our quality assurance program ensures that your parts are done right and on a budget. The benefit of production manufacturing runs is that there are fewer setup costs and cost savings on materials and handling. A large production manufacturing run can save your company a tremendous amount of money per machined part and the repeatability of the process ensures that each part in your production manufacturing run functions the same way.

Quality is a primary consideration for all the parts we produce. Our machine shop is fully equipped with some of the highest precision measuring equipment available. Our professional machinists and quality professionals are all trained to ensure dimensional accuracy is met.