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Western Drilling Tools strongly focuses on working closely with both customers and suppliers to develop a relationship based on trust and cooperation. Some of the machining services offered include custom machining, prototyping, custom manufacturing, production manufacturing, mid-volume output machining, design, drafting, pressure testing, breakout service, pull testing and certification, material supply, drilling solutions, welding, and fabrication.

Machine shop services as well as drilling tools manufacturing and supply are the foundation of Western Drilling Tools. The Western Drilling Tools machine shop uses state of the art CNC machines to manufacture and machine parts to extremely high precision and accuracy. By working closely with our customers, we can improve both our products and lead times in an effort to reduce the cost per foot when drilling and provide manufactured goods that have exceptional value. Put Western Drilling’s machining services to the test by asking about any of the following machine shop services: Production Manufacturing, Machining Prototyping, Design, CAD, Drafting, Custom Machining, Pressure Testing, Pull Testing and Certification, Drilling Solutions and Drilling Tools Supply, Rebuilding, Drilling Tool Repairs, Drilling Tool Re-tipping, Material Supply, Welding and Fabrication.

Custom Machining and Prototyping

Custom Machining and Prototyping is a large part of what the Western Drilling Tools machine shop is set up to do. High quality and excellent versatility allow Western Drilling Tools to provide custom machining and machine shop prototyping services quickly and effectively.

Western Drilling Tools was founded as a machine shop, and machining is where we excel. We are set up to meet the needs of any industry. We quickly and accurately turn unique ideas into physical parts. Come to us with your prototyping or small batch machining, and we are sure to surprise. Western Drilling Tools has many custom machining and prototyping solutions. One of a kind machined jigs and fixtures to make future production machining runs more effective are a specialty of ours. Our team of machinists and welders work diligently and to a high level of precision to ensure your custom machining project or your prototyping project is a complete success.

Our machine shop is loaded with CNC lathes, CNC mills as well as manual lathes and mills. Hitting incredibly tight tolerances that are impossible for some machine shops are easily achievable in our machine shop. In addition to machining custom parts and manufacturing prototypes, Western Drilling Tools can perform and certify components for various tests such as pull testing components and pressure testing components up to 15,000PSI.

All of the parts we manufacture are measured with extremely high precision measuring equipment by our highly trained quality control staff. When we machine your parts, you can be sure they will be to spec.

Western Drilling Tools specializes in machining physical prototypes for custom designs and new products.  Our material list is long and comprehensive including everything from carbon steel and stainless steel to brass and plastics. When you need a prototype built, need custom machining work done or just have the need to use a reliable, dependable and accurate machine shop think Western Drilling Tools.

Production Manufacturing

Production manufacturing and production machining in medium to large batches is commonly provided to many of Western Drilling’s customers. The machine shop is set up to perform production manufacturing and production machining services that will exceed your expectations.

Through our machine shop, Western Drilling Tools offers production manufacturing and machining. Our machine shop is set up to be incredibly flexible and versatile. Our precision CNC’s have incredible accuracy, precision, and repeatability. Repeatability is critical in production manufacturing. Our CNC’s hit the same precision and accuracy on all of the parts we machine. Whether it is part number 1 or part number 5000 the variation in dimensional accuracy will never exceed the acceptable tolerances.

Western Drilling Tools is excellent at production manufacturing runs in quantities ranging from just a few parts to batches of a couple thousand. We regularly perform production manufacturing runs for various repeat customers. Our quality assurance program ensures that your parts are done right and on a budget. The benefit of production manufacturing runs is that there are fewer setup costs and cost savings on materials and handling. A large production manufacturing run can save your company a tremendous amount of money per machined part and the repeatability of the process ensures that each part in your production manufacturing run functions the same way.

Quality is a primary consideration for all the parts we produce. Our machine shop is fully equipped with some of the highest precision measuring equipment available. Our professional machinists and quality professionals are all trained to ensure dimensional accuracy is met.

Design and Drafting

Through the use of sophisticated CAD (computer aided design) software, Western Drilling’s engineering and design team can design, draft and engineer products and services for many customers. Ask for our assistance with all your design and drafting needs.

Western Drilling Tools uses state of the art computer-aided design and engineering software to draft and design all of our internal products. Our engineering and design software, together with the several engineering technologists, engineers in training and drafts people can create the technical product drawings you require. Our CAD software also allows us to test products in a 3D environment before we proceed with a prototype or batch machining.

The design process at Western Drilling Tools often starts with hand sketches on white paper. The sketches are agreed upon at which time they are modeled in 3D through the use of computer-aided design software. Once the CAD model is complete the part goes through our prototyping and testing procedure. Once a design is finalized, manufacturing drawings are produced by our drafts people and the drawings are sent to the machine shop floor for manufacturing.

Re-tipping, Rebuilding, and Repair

Re-tipping, Rebuilding, and Repair are mainstay services provided at Western Drilling Tools. The expert machinists will analyze your components and find the most economical way to rebuild and repair your damaged or worn out goods. The machine shop is also designed to solder, braze and re-tip used or broken PDC bits and core bits.

Many of our customers in the drilling industry have a great need for repair and service work. Western Drilling Tools can often manufacture select new components and repair existing parts instead of manufacturing entirely new components to save your company time and money.

At Western Drilling Tools, we try our best to work with our customers to find innovative solutions to their problems. We work hard to save you time and money because at Western Drilling Tools we understand that a better bottom line for you makes both of our companies more successful.

We do most of our re-tipping to PDC steel body bits and milltooth tricone bits. The bits can be cleaned up and refurbished at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new bit. Our machine shop has a comprehensive welding area where in addition to typical welding operations we also provide soldering, brazing and hard surfacing. We commonly repair threaded tool joints, reverse circulation pipe and many other components that go beyond the drilling industry. Bring in your damaged tools for a quote on repair.

Pressure Testing

Pressure Testing and certification services are readily available at Western Drilling Tools. We have pressure testing units equipped to deal with pressures up to 15000PSI; products are regularly pressure tested such as Kelly Cock valves, pressure vessels and other tubular products.

Western Drilling Tools manufactures our own line of Kelly cock valves. These valves all need to be pressure rated. It was because of this product line that we geared our machine shop up in order to provide our own internal pressure testing. Pressure testing is now a service we offer to all our customers for any product they require to be rated to a certain pressure. We also provide all appropriate documentation for the pressure testing service that we provide.

Break Out Service 

With the use of the WDT 8” breakout wrench, Western Drilling Tools can break apart seized and damaged components and provide machining and repair service to help rebuild any of your industries products.

Our machine shop has a hydraulic breakout table that can torque apart various diameter threaded or non-threaded components. Our break-out table can handle tubular components that range in size from 4” outside diameter to 12”.

Pull Testing

Pull Testing is regularly performed to certify threaded components. With WDT pull testing expertise and network, Western Drilling Tools can get items pull tested and certified to over 100,000lbs.

Many of our customers require threaded connector joints like lifting subs, lifting bails and lifting swivels to be certified and pull tested. At Western Drilling Tools we have the know-how to get many of these parts pull tested. We regularly test welds and critical areas on parts using magnetic particle, liquid penetrant and x-ray testing services. We can test and certify nearly any threaded items. At Western Drilling Tools we know that the integrity of parts is important. Our machine shop can ensure that your parts meet the specifications they require to stand up to anything they will endure in the field.

Materials Supply

Materials are supplied for all WDT products and machined parts. The machine shop has a large material storage yard where Western Drilling Tools stores and stocks its commonly used materials. If in need, Western Drilling Tools can supply you with many sizes of alloy and carbon steels; many materials are kept in stock to reduce lead times for customers. Additionally, Western Drilling Tools can help specify appropriate materials for appropriate jobs.

We stock extensive sizes of mild and high carbon steels as well as brass, stainless steel and plastics. Specialty products and materials can be brought in on request. We ensure that our material is the right material for your machining or welding needs. We can offer mill certifications on all the material we supply. Western Drilling Tools owns and uses high end hardness testers to verify that the material we get is always up to spec.

Western Drilling Tools has a tremendous amount of experience machining all of these and more materials. If your company needs raw material cut to length in a rush, ask Western Drilling Tools to see if we have that material in stock.

Drilling Solutions

Drilling Solutions and drilling supplies is what Western Drilling Tools does best. The WDT machine shop can build anything required to help your drilling operation run smoothly. Drilling tools and machine shop services to solve complex drilling problems can be provided. If you require assistance finding the right components for your drill string, are having trouble in a specific formation, or reaching a specified depth, Western Drilling Tools can provide you with the drilling solutions you need to make your job run smoothly.

If are you having trouble drilling a hole or you need to find a way to increase your rate of penetration we can help you find the solutions required to improve your drilling effectiveness. We have a large, knowledgeable staff with a wealth of experience.

Welding and Fabrication

Welding and fabrication is a big part of what the Western Drilling Tools machine shop is all about; welded products are regularly certified. Western Drilling’s staff include a number of certified welders including B-pressure certification available to fabricate tools and equipment to your needs and specifications.

The machine shop at Western Drilling Tools offers a large welding area and various welding services.  We have the capability to perform arc, MIG, TIG and B-pressure welding. We have experience welding a great number of different materials. In addition to welding, we offer brazing and hard facing on many products including rebuilding and re-tipping drill bits. Western Drilling Tools also often provides third party non-destructive testing and certification on the welding services we provide.

Some of the non-destructive testing we can provide include x-ray testing, magnetic particle inspection (MPI) and liquid penetrant inspection (LPI). Western Drilling Tools looks forward to providing our welding and fabrication services to your company

Machine Shop

Western Drilling Tools Inc. was originally formed in 2004 with the focus of being a quality drilling tool machine shop that would cater to the needs of the drilling industry. Since then, the machine shop has grown substantially over the years, and our machining capabilities have become incredibly refined. With the steady addition of new machines and capabilities, we are ready to take on your industry’s machining challenges.

At Western Drilling Tools we feel it is important to work closely with our customers, suppliers and machine shops to develop a relationship based on trust and cooperation.

Our company uses state of the art CNC Lathes and CNC Mills to manufacture parts to extremely high precision, accuracy, and repeatability. We are always trying to discover ways to reduce our lead times while working closely with our customers. It is a top priority to continuously improve our products in an effort to reduce client costs.

Western Drilling Tools has a large machine shop with numerous high-quality CNC Lathes and CNC Mills including a 4 Axis 14 3/4″ Diameter Spindle Bore Lathe. We have a large welding area, and commonly perform ARC, MIG, TIG and pressure welding applications. Western Drilling Tools also offers full repair, re-tipping, and rebuilding on nearly all of our products and other components.

We have experience machining parts of all sizes and complexities. Our machine shop has made parts as small as 0.125” and as large as 36” in diameter, and we have assembled components which are even larger. The Western Drilling Tools machine shop is comfortable machining parts to within 0.0005” (0.01mm) and to high surface Finish.

We are very comfortable machining Carbon steel, Alloy and Stainless Steels, Aluminum, Brass, one offCopper and Plastics as well as many other materials.

At Western Drilling Tools, we offer machining and welding services for any project off prototypes, custom part machining, medium to high volume production manufacturing and machining. We offer 3 to 5 axis capabilities and over 30 years of machining experience. We’re proud to be a machine shop based in Calgary, AB.
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Image Gallery

Words are often not enough to describe some of the capabilities and capacities of Western Drilling’s machine shop. Below are several images of parts being machined, items traveling through the machine shop, some of our drilling tools and the CNC lathes and CNC mills in our machine shop. Our shop is capable of machining and fabricating many unique and common items.

Equipment and Capabilities

Our machine shop is capable of manufacturing a wide array of products to meet the industry needs of our clients. We take great pride in the quality of our work; at Western Drilling Tools we employ highly trained professionals and use only premium quality machining tools.

Design and Drafting
We use state of the art computer engineering software like Solid Works to help with designing, solid modeling and analysis.

Western Drilling Tools currently employs several mechanical engineering technologists and an engineer in training. We also have professional engineers who moon light for us.


At Western Drilling Tools we have several Manual lathes including:
6” through bore 630 A x 3000mm universal lathe, a 5-1/2”through bore La 560 x 2000 heavy duty high speed presision lathe , a 4” through bore Dy 680G X 2000 heavy duty precision lathe

CNC Lathe
The machine shop has several high quality, high precision CNC lathes that range in size from 2.5” thru bore up to 14-3/4 Thru Bore

Our machining tool is a 4 –axis 14.75” thru bore Okuma loc650 oil country lathe

Captains L470-125 these have 4”thru bore and a 2m bed in addition, we tool all our lathes with steady rest and anti-vibration boring bars

Our machine shop also has a 6.5” thru Bore Okuma LB3511 with a 2.5 M bead and a steady rest.

The smallest CNC lathe in our machining feet is our 2.5” bore takisawa.

Manual Mills

Western Drilling Tools has a small fleet of manual mills.

1.) LC-20VHS vertical milling machine
2.) 250DX Miller horizontal mill

In addition to our manual mills the Western Drilling Tools machine shop also has 3 drill presses of various sizes.

CNC Mills

Our machine shops CNC milling fleet has several high quality CNC’s. We believe that every quality CNC does require quality tools. Each CNC mill in our machine shop is equipped with a rotary table and an angle head. Giving our CNC mills some 5- axis capabilities.

This is an Okuma Ma-650 vertical CNC mill


At Western Drilling Tools we feel that no machine shop is complete without a comprehensive welding area. We have several thermal arc welders, a Tig welding Gtaw and a small Plasma Cutter. We have a large welding area, and commonly preform ARC, MIG, TIG and pressure welding applications. We hire certified welders to manufacture our parts. We use high quality laser thermometers to ensure the appropriate temperatures are met for many welding and machining situations.

Shipping and Receiving

Our machine shop is equipped with 2 overhead 7 tone cranes. We also have several smaller cranes throughout the shop. We have several fork lifts and pallet jacks to allow us to move product around quickly and effectively.


Our machine shop saw is equipped with a fully automatic bar feeder that cuts pieces up to 16” OD.

Testing and other services

At Western Drilling Tools we provide testing services in addition to machining. We have a pressure tester capable of testing items up to 15000psi.

We have a small sand blasting unit capable of removing surface in feature on small parts.

We commonly act as an agent to provide pull testing and MPI inspection for various customers. The machine shop is equipped with a large break out wrench, capable of twisting apart large items.

The machine shop is also equipped with two hardness testers. We have a portable and an mobile electronic hardness tester. We use these to test incoming materials to ensure that they are to the mills and our customers specifications.


Quality is a central focus for Western Drilling Tools. We use precision machining and measuring tools to ensure dimensional accuracy. Our procedure involves the machinists to measure each part at their machine and note any deviation from the drawing specs and make adjustments on the fly. Our machine shop policy ensures that after the first part operation is complete they are checked by our quality control expert while the parts are still in the machine. Once the parts are complete the quality control professional preforms a 100% visual inspection and takes a sample of the completed parts to manually measure the parts selected.

Our machine shop supplies the employees with several sets of calibrated veneer callipers, inside and outside micrometers and temperature gauges to make sure the temperature of the parts are controlled for both welding and machining.

Our machine shop also has a QC honed granit table and a plethora of soft and hard gauges. We also have a Mitutoyo PH-A14 profile projector which allows us to inspect threads with unparalleled accuracy.

Relationships Based on Trust & Cooperation

Our broad spectrum of customers allows us to offer a dynamic range of products and solutions; you can trust us to meet your industry's demands. From working with drilling tool designers, custom part design, drafting, implementation to machining fabrication, assembly, and distribution, we are ready to meet any of your industry's drilling challenges.

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