Machining Services

Western Drilling Tools strongly focuses on working closely with both customers and suppliers to develop a relationship based on trust and cooperation. Some of the machining services offered include custom machining, prototyping, custom manufacturing, production manufacturing, mid-volume output machining, design, drafting, pressure testing, breakout service, pull testing and certification, material supply, drilling solutions, welding, and fabrication.

Machine shop services as well as drilling tools manufacturing and supply are the foundation of Western Drilling Tools. The Western Drilling Tools machine shop uses state of the art CNC machines to manufacture and machine parts to extremely high precision and accuracy. By working closely with our customers, we can improve both our products and lead times in an effort to reduce the cost per foot when drilling and provide manufactured goods that have exceptional value. Put Western Drilling's machining services to the test by asking about any of the following machine shop services: Production Manufacturing, Machining Prototyping, Design, CAD, Drafting, Custom Machining, Pressure Testing, Pull Testing and Certification, Drilling Solutions and Drilling Tools Supply, Rebuilding, Drilling Tool Repairs, Drilling Tool Re-tipping, Material Supply, Welding and Fabrication.

Custom Machining and Prototyping is a large part of what the Western Drilling Tools machine shop is set up to do. High quality and excellent versatility allow Western Drilling Tools to provide custom machining and machine shop prototyping services quickly and effectively.

Production Manufacturing and production machining in medium to large batches is commonly provided to many of Western Drilling's customers. The machine shop is set up to perform production manufacturing and production machining services that will exceed your expectations.

Design and Drafting Through the use of sophisticated CAD (computer aided design) software, Western Drilling's engineering and design team can design, draft and engineer products and services for many customers. Ask for our assistance with all your design and drafting needs.

Re-tipping, Rebuilding, and Repair are mainstay services provided at Western Drilling Tools. The expert machinists will analyze your components and find the most economical way to rebuild and repair you damaged or worn out goods. The machine shop is also designed to solder, braze and re-tip used or broken PDC bits and core bits.

Pressure Testing and certification services are readily available; Western Drilling Tools has pressure testing units equipped to deal with pressures up to 15000PSI; products are regularly pressure tested such as Kelly Cock valves and other tubular products.

Break Out Service With the use of the WDT 8” breakout wrench, Western Drilling Tools can break apart seized and damaged components and provide machining and repair service to help rebuild any of your industries products.

Pull Testing is regularly performed to certify threaded components. With WDT pull testing expertise and network, Western Drilling Tools can get items pull tested and certified to over 100,000lbs.

Materials are supplied for all WDT products and machined parts. The machine shop has a large material storage yard where Western Drilling Tools stores and stocks its commonly used materials. If in need, Western Drilling Tools can supply you with many sizes of alloy and carbon steels; many materials are kept in stock to reduce lead times for customers. Additionally, Western Drilling Tools can help specify appropriate materials for appropriate jobs.

Drilling Solutions and drilling supplies is what Western Drilling Tools does best. The WDT machine shop can build anything required to help your drilling operation run smoothly. Drilling tools and machine shop services to solve complex drilling problems can be provided. If you require assistance finding the right components for your drill string, are having trouble in a specific formation, or reaching a specified depth, Western Drilling Tools can provide you with the drilling solutions you need to make your job run smoothly.

Welding and Fabrication is a big part of what the Western Drilling Tools machine shop is all about; welded products are regularly certified. Western Drilling's staff include a number of welders available to fabricate tools and equipment to your needs and specifications as well as several certified welders and one b-pressure welder on site. 

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